Weekly Telephone Call

“After many years of being indifferent to food supplements and their benefits, I am now an ardent champion for Protandim and its ability to address many of the problems currently seen healthcare. I have become passionate about sharing this remarkable gift, and feel it is my purpose in life to help as many people as I can to achieve wellness. God has given a great gift to us. We owe it to ourselves and our families to learn about this technology and then share it with others.”
– Dr. Marvin

Dr. Marvin, a family physician 50+ years, received Pharmacy, then Doctor of Medicine degrees from the University of Kansas. After 18 years in general practice, he was Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the KU Medical Center for 5 years. He then returned to private practice.

Weekly Tuesday Evening Phone Call – Dr. Marvin

Phone Call Directions:
Call the number, then enter the Access Code, followed by pressing the # key.  Please mute your phone to keep background noise off of the phone.  Press *6 to mute, and if there is a question and answer time at the end, you may un-mute your phone by pressing *6 again.


  • PST (Pacific Standard Time – U.S.)- 6pm
  • MST (Mountain Standard Time – U.S.)- 7pm
  • CST (Central Standard Time – U.S.)- 8pm
  • EST (Eastern Standard Time – U.S.)- 9pm


United States phone number: 1-641-715-3822 Access Code 200765#

United States Replay (valid after the call): 1-559-546-1799

Access Code 200765#


Canadian phone number: 1-559-546-1800 Access Code 200765#

Canadian Replay (valid after the call): 1-559-546-1899

Access Code 200765#


Australia phone number: +611300559047 Access Code 200765#

Australia Replay (valid after the call): +6103867215609

Access Code 200765#


For more international call in numbers, please click here!