Keys to Success

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Doc

LifeVantage New Distributor Expectations and Keys to Success

LifeVantage is a business and if you treat it like a business you will have the ability, over a short amount of time, to be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations. It will not run itself and it takes consistent hard work for a defined period of time. It is up to YOU to take personal responsibility for your business and for your success. Many others have achieved success before you, and the path is clearly marked in the “Blueprint” document that comes in your vantage pack. Do not reinvent the wheel. There are no secrets and you do not have a better way to achieve success then following the “Blueprint”. Many successful distributors are waiting to hear from you and would love to mentor you to success!

Here is a timeline for next 60 days

This is an outline of the most crucial steps in the Blueprint that need to be followed immediately after a distributor enrolls:

New Distributor Welcome Kit

Email this immediately to all newly enrolled distributors. It should be discussed in detail on the get start training call.

Get Start Training Call

You must get your newly enrolled distributor on a call with your up-line support immediately following their enrollment. This will also be their introduction to the Blueprint.

Establish your WHY

You must assist your new distributors in defining their “Why”. This must be written down and it must also include goals that are measurable within a defined time period.

Establish your goals

One month, three month, six month, twelve month, and 24 month goals.


What are you willing to give up achieving success and hitting your goals? Goals must match activity.


You must have a database with all of your prospects. This tool should be electronic (to allow back-up and protect against loss) and needs to be updated daily. You need to track the date you approached someone, the outcome, and when to follow-up. This is crucial and too many distributors do not follow this step. You must consistently follow-up with all of these people on a regular basis. The fortune is in the follow-up!

Up-Line Introduction

Call and introduce yourself to five up-line support people. See phone numbers and contact information in New Distributor Welcome Kit.

Set New Distributor Meeting within 48 hours

All new distributors must set their first meeting while on the welcome call and this must take place within 48 hours. This is the biggest difference between groups who are duplicating and others who are not! Setting expectations and creating a sense of urgency will be duplicated and cause rapid growth in your business.

3-Way Calls

You need to set as many 3-way calls with up-line support as possible. This is a business meeting and needs to be treated as such. Key points:

  • You need to schedule a specific time with up-line support for calls
  • There is nothing for you to “talk about with people” and no people to “work on”. Set calls!
  • Do not send names and numbers to your up-line asking them to make initial contact.
  • Do not spend more than 10% of your time making cold calls. This business is built on existing relationships! Make 15 contacts per week minimum (3 per day x 5 or 5 calls 3 days per week).


Enroll to receive the weekly Pro-Audio Series and participate in weekly training calls. Most calls are recorded and you can get a schedule of the calls from your enroller.

Back Office and Compensation Plan Basics

Review your back office with your enroller and watch the compensation plan videos to learn the magnitude of unlimited income potential.

Attend Company Events (Invest in Your Business)

Business owners invest thousands of dollars per year to further educate themselves and gain knowledge from the most successful leaders in their industry. LifeVantage offers quarterly Elite Academy, Convention once per year, and monthly Premier Schools. These events must be attended. You will gain access to the top professionals in our company and learn the exact steps necessary to achieve their level of success. Attend weekly meetings.