“I have seen more miracles in the first 3 months that I used this technology than in 50 years of traditional medicine.”

Norman Marvin, M.D.
Pro 8 Leader, LifeVantage

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Evidence Links Aging, Oxidative Stress, and AD Pathology

Aging trumps everything as a risk factor for sporadic AD, but after decades of study, researchers are still unclear why. One theory blames accumulating oxidative damage, a metabolic consequence of getting older. Three recent articles lend new support..

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How Long Should I Continue Taking My NRF2 Activation Supplement? As a consumer of numerous vitamins and supplements over the years I would frequently start and stop consuming various supplements based on the recommendations of a herbologist friend of mine..

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Ten Important Business Considerations

by Steve Kelsay, Independent LifeVantage Distributor

Here are some important business points I considered before I went into this venture with LifeVantage. I was looking for a unique product. It needed to be something not available elsewhere in the marketplace. This product fits those criteria.

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The Cleansing Response

The Cleansing Response

Physiological Reactions to Protandim

by Norman G. Marvin, M.D.

As you begin to take Protandim positive changes begin to happen within your body. Most of these you won’t be able to see or feel, but we know that they happen. For instance, your level of Oxidative Stress will revert to that of a 20 year old or younger in 30 days…

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